Use Reporting Scope to generate different report cards for the same students?

In Reports module, How do I use different scopes to generate different report cards for the same student. In a long version I will include the individual grades by using 7 criteria for topics covered; in the short report card version I just want to have a final score for each course. I can get only one to be generated.

@rossdotparker @ross is this possible - More than one report card per student in a reporting cycle based on different templates?

Hi Tieku, yes this is possible, and one reason why Reports are separate from Reporting Cycles. You can setup one reporting cycle, then in Manage Reports, create two different reports, each using the same reporting cycle and each with a different template. The template will determine what information from the reporting cycle goes into the PDF. You can setup one template to generate a shortened version of the report, and a different template to generate a longer version of the report.

Where I am getting stuck is tieing the scope to the template and reports. In one scope I have 1 criterion and the other 7 criteria. This is what I want to use to create 2 different reports. After I define the scope I do not see where I make a reference to the scope to build a report.

Report 1 - 1 criterion: scope 1
Report 2 - 7 criteria: scope 2

In the report I generate I see all the criteria from all scopes using the Section: Report - Courses. I just want to see criteria from one scope.

All the data is available to a report at generation time, it’s a matter of how the template makes use of it. It will require some custom templating. My suggestion would be to go into Manage Assets and duplicate the template you’re using (eg: Reports - Form Group) and then edit the code to add an if statement that filters the output based on the name of the scope you’re looking to use. When inspecting the data, for example, I can see this criteria belongs to scopeName “Form Group”, so I could add an if statement inside the main loop of the template that only outputs the Form Group criteria, but ignores criteria from other scopes. Hope this helps!

Yes, it does help to know that what I was trying to do is not possible by default :slight_smile: .

Can you show me exactly where to place the if statement in this example?

I am wondering whether in future releases there will be a way to select the Scopes I want to include (using checkboxes for example). Or maybe there’s a better way to achieve what I am trying to do.

Are you using a custom version of the Reports - Form Group template? If so, be sure to share your yml file here (zip it first) and I’d be happy to take a look and share the edited code.

I want to use the Report - Courses section in my report. Could you show me what changes to make in order to filter by scope which criteria I want in my report?

Hi All, I’m running a small private language school and trying to smarten up our procedures using your wonderful tool Gibbon. I feel very dumb as it all is new to us. I’m trying to generate reports. Got all my teachers with at least 6 or 7 columns in Markbook for their classes since September. Have defined my two reporting cycles Semestre 1 and Semestre 2 with their dates but Manage Access won’t accept my dates and it asks for Scope. Am stuck on scope. Can’t input Criteria for 1st Semestre cycle for instance without choosing some scope. Where do I find Scope to enter content? Can’t see it anywhere besides in Planner / Scope & Sequence. Is there a tutorial that can help me? Really appreciate your time, I’m a real newbie on this and not very tech savvy either!

Hi Ginny, welcome to the Gibbon community, great to hear you’re getting set up with if for your language school :smiley: No worries at all, there’s a bit of a learning curve right at the start, so feel free to use these forums to search and ask any questions you need.

Sounds like you’ve gotten pretty far in your reports setup. Yes, there are some docs that may help:

In Manage Reporting Cycles, look for a grid-like icon next to the Edit icon called Scopes & Criteria. From here, you can add your scopes, then add the criteria to it. In hindsight, we could also add this button to the Manage Criteria page to make it easier to find, I can see where it could be easy to overlook on the Manage Reporting Cycles page.

Hope this helps you move forward with your report setup.