URL Safely and Timetable, Ranking and Admission

Hello, how do I prevent full addresses to be written on the user’s url bar? i.e. q=/modules/Markbook/markbook_edit_data.php&gibbonMarkbookColumnID=0000000002&gibbonCourseClassID=00000018&updateReturn=success0

How do I have timetables for separate classes when the columns to be filled for the timetable are just singular like that? I have tried but after testings the timetable columns to dates the table does not show.
Is there anyway the program can rank students?

I want to admit a student, whose sibling is admitted what do I do so that I will not have to add the parent twice but he/she can still see both children? 


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To keep the forum organised, please can I ask you to take these three questions, and put them into separate posts with descriptive subjects? Just helps keep the forum search optimised and easier to use. We will then answer each post separately.