URGENT: Rollover problem

Good evening Admin,

We did the rollover and only 4 students showed and the rest of the student’s statuses were marked as “left”. We did exactly the same procedure but it seems the rollover didn’t work. Most of the roll groups have zero students.

This is the screenshot shown after the rollover:

We did take a Snapshot before the rollover and want to load it back but have never done this procedure before.

Please help us. Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much!

Hi Chellie,

Glad I was able to connect and help you out. For anyone else finding this thread with a similar question, be sure to check the End Date of your students, in this case the end date of all the students had been set to the previous school year. The enrolments succeeded, but all the lists were empty, because a student after their end date is hidden in the system.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SANDRA! Really appreciate your help.