Upload curriculum vitae file to existing staff record

Good day. Is there a way to attach curriculum vitae file to an existing staff record? Sorry if this has been answered before.

Hello, Richard! This is not currently possible in v21, the current stable version of Gibbon, but changes coming to custom fields in v22 (releasing June 20th, so not long to wait) will allow for it by making it possible to create a custom field that accepts file uploads.

When v22 comes out, the process will look like this. Navigate to System Admin and select Custom Fields, then click the Add button for User Fields.

Once you are in the Add Custom Field menu, select Staff under the Context menu, then scroll down to Configure and select File under Type. You can then add a comma-separated list of accepted file types, or leave it blank to accept any file type.

I hope this helps!

  • Harry

Thank you very much Harry! This is very helpful