Upgrading to v24 from v16

It seems that updgrading to v24 from v16 is causing Gibbon to crash. The php version is up to date and I have made sure not to overwrite existing modules and themes. I wonder if there are links to the previous legacy versions so I can upgrade version by version? Or is there some detailed instructions to help me out? Thanks.

Hi shiche, if you look at the top of the v24 /CHANGEDB.php you’ll see that the upgrade path only goes back to v20.0.00. There are two options here:

  1. Upgrade from v16 to v20, and then from v20 to v24.
  2. Create a custom CHANGEDB.php that includes adds the v17 to v20 entries from a previous version (like v20) to the v24 set.

I think that 1. should be more reliable, but there is (in theory) no reason that 2. should not work.

Remember to backup your database and files first!

Thank you for the reply. From the website, there only seems to be the latest version available for download. Is there a place to download v20? Thanks again.

Nevermind. Found it. Thanks so much.