Upgrade to V24 can't sign in with google

Hi Kevin, I’ve been unable to replicate the issue, but my best guess is that perhaps when upgrading you merged the new vendor folder into the old one, which may have caused some issues with backwards compatibility checks in the Google library. Can you try and get a fresh copy of the vendor folder from the v24 release, then rename your current vendor folder to vendor_bak and upload the new <code class="CodeInline">vendor folder. This fresh copy may help address the autoloader issues you’re seeing. Hope this helps!

Note: the vendor folder is large and will take time to upload, be sure to pick a time that won’t interrupt your users.

hello Sandra, i upload the new vendor folder, is getting worse, haha
i will show you all my setting
original one,don’t change vendor folder

Google API and OAuth setting

and i put the error_log, you can see the error message

Thank you Sandra, today i try to start again , and now fix the probram. Thank you

Great to hear you got it working!

Thank you. I had the same issue upgrading from V23 to V24
Deleting the “vendor” folder and putting back only the vendor files from V24 was the solution