Updating to v20

Hi Team,

  1. The Update page says: "“Update your install base with the newly downloaded files, taking care not to overwrite any additional modules and themes you have installed.”

Do I upload the whole new folder into cPanel file manager? Which folder, which files?

  1. Also, if I do not change the default database engine to InnoDB, is that going to be a problem? Because if I remember correctly, GoDaddy had an issue regarding that and that was the whole reason I abandoned installing Moodle.

Thanks again !

Hi flygye, glad to hear you are excited, and it is always good to be nervous when updating!

  1. You can upload all of the files from your downloaded v20 Gibbon, as a fresh download does not include config.php and /uploads, which are the things you definitely don’t want to overwrite. Do be careful with any additional themes or modules, which may be overwritten depending on how you copy (e.g. use your OS to copy the files and they will most likely get overwritten; use FTP or rsync (with the right settings) and they won’t).

  2. We’ve not had any problems at all since we introduced this in (from memory) v18. I’m not sure on GoDaddy specifically, so you might want to ask their support team.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

Thanks Ross !

Sorry to bother:
a) just to be clear, I have to put all the files present in the " core - 20.0.0" folder into the gibbon folder on the website and whenever it asks “overwrite?” I select “No”?
b) can’t I just upload all the files using the upload function on the cpanel file manager instead of using FTP or rsync?



i just wanted a clarification on how to upgrade. Is it as simple as downloading the core 11 file, unzipping it, and replacing all your existing files with the new ones, aside from config file and uploads folder?

I found this thread. This seems easier, I upload the new file and unzip its innards into the gibbon folder (screenshot above)? https://ask.gibbonedu.org/discussion/565/how-to-upgrade

It is that simple if you are not using any additional modules or themes, or if you use a copy method that does not overwrite files present in the destination and missing in the source. Many variables!

Thank You Ross ! I have done it ! Would’ve done it yesterday itself but Filezilla had transferred only 10% of the files. So I zipped the folder and uploaded directly into cPanel File Manager and unzipped all there except Uploads folder. All is well. :slight_smile:

Now I am researching how to change to InnoDB

If you find out how, please post here!

Hi flygye12,

Gibbon’s updater includes a tool allowing you to change all tables to InnoDB. Anyway, it’s optional and no required. :slight_smile:

Hello. I am also trying to update as well…but not having much success.

After downloading the new update Gibbon zip, and unzipping it, I used an FTP to upload it to one’s hosting server (I also tried to just directly upload the zip and to unzip it on the server). My question is, do one replace all the old files in the HTML PUBLIC folder with the updated zip files?

I tried the above, but when I refreshed the webpage, it did not allow me to login. It was just an error page. I fixed it by going into cPanel and installed the MySQL Database backup. Unfortunately it still says I am on version 23, not 24.

Can someone please tell me what steps I got wrong please? And if an admin reads this, is there anyway to just make this file available through the cpanel’s Softaculous app thingy, so noobs like me can just click update maybe?

Thank you for any and all help…

Hi mel, here’s the link to the full update instructions in the docs: https://docs.gibbonedu.org/administrators/getting-started/updating-gibbon/

It sounds like you’ve followed the instructions but it could help to double-check to see if you’ve missed any steps. Be sure that you are using the install bundle from the download link on the Gibbon website, rather than the zip file directly from GitHub, as the install bundle includes the full vendor folder, which is an important part of the update.

For the update, yes, you’d want to download the new version and copy it into the same directory as your existing install, overwriting and updated files. Then, when you login you should automatically be redirected to the Update page to run the database updates. If it still says you’re on v23, this sounds like you may not have recieved the database updates yet. If you’re having trouble logging in, you can visit your URL + update.php and this will run the updates directly.

Hope this helps! Give a shout if you’re still not able to update.

Hi Sandra, thank you so much for replying and for your detailed explinations. I really appreciate it.

I tried all the steps again - but it still did not work. Then I tried a different FHP program (I was using the Cyberduck, which was recommended in the cPanel, and replaced it with FileZilla). For whatever reason, this seemed to fix the problem. And everything worked as was described in your post.

For anyone else who might read this… definately try Filezilla if you also run into a dead website after the update. I also tried the other suggestion left by another person on this form who said he uploaded the zip file directly to the his hosting File Manager, unzipped it there, and all worked ok for them. In my case, it did not work…I do not know why, but that was my experience.

Thanks again Sandra, you were amazing - I wish you a lovely week ahead.