Updating to v20 - Number of Characters in a Column in v19

Good day Admin!

I am on version 19 and have modified a few columns in terms of number of characters,
ex: from 8, I increased to 10; from 20, I increased to 30

When i upgrade to v20, will the number of columns returns to its original 8 and/or 20 characters?
Will it affects the data?
If needed, I will have to change again the number of characters to 10 and and 30.

After upgrading, will the previously entered 10 and 30 characters retain it’s value?

Thanks again for this wonderful program and for the generous assistance.


Hi Radz, it is unlikely that we have changed any of the columns that you have in any one version, but it could happen. Have a look at /CHANGEDB.php and check the v20.0.00 list of changes for the columns you’ve changed.

If you want to let us know which columns you’d like to change, we can look at doing that in v21, as long as we can see any conflicts.



Thank you Admin/Ross

My concern is that, in the case of gibbonCourseClass Table,
I edited the nameShort from 8 characters to 11 characters to accommodate new set of courses. The reason is that my LABELS for courses will follow alphabetical order when displayed.

My question again is, after upgrading to v20 (from previous v19), will the number of characters in nameShort column follow/revert to “8 character column” of v20? Thus, affecting my current data?

Again.thank you very much for the generous support.


Hi Radz, I’ve checked v20, and the specified column has not been updated. Therefore, you should be fine to update. Backup your database first, just to be sure, and then double check the column size after. Good luck! Ross.

Hi Radz,

I wonder, have you modified the column lengths in just the database, or also in the codebase as well? If you’ve changed the maxLength() methods on the form fields in the code, then these custom changes would likely get overwritten once you upgrade to v20. This could cause the data to be truncated to the shorter length if the record is edited and saved through the interface. If you’re familiar with GitHub, one way to help ensure your changes live from one version to the next is to fork the Gibbon core, and then add your custom code as a branch on your fork, and then merge in the v20 branch from the core. This will highlight and enable you to handle all the merge changes manually.

Thank you very much admin Ross and Sandra.
Am not yet familiar with gitHub.
I will try my best to get around with your recommendations.

Finished with updating to v20.
Luckily, system seems to be working fine. And the 11-chateracter Course short name was not truncated.