Updating current Application Forms

Hi there,

I have a fresh install of v25 and have created a usable application form for our adult-only school using the Form Builder. It was a challenge, but in searching through the many discussions, I now have the form that works in the initial application phase, but not in the second phase. Let me explain.

Phase 1
Candidate completes the form except for 4 pages that we are asking them to use to upload documents after they submit the application. This is to allow them time to submit the application before out application deadline date.

Phase 2.
Candidates who are accepted to enter phase 2, are requested to work on the documents (essays & quizzes) and upload them at a later date.

I structured the application form this way, because the default text on modules/Admissions/applicationFormSelect.php says"

Continue an Existing Application Form
If you already have an application form in progress or would like to check the status of an application form, select this option. You will receive an email with a link to access your existing forms.”

However, this isn’t the case when testing the form. At modules/Admissions/applicationFormView.php the candidate is able to view the data already submitted but cannot edit the form to upload the documents.

Seeing that my assumptions were not correct.

Is it possible for the students to reopen the application form at modules/Admissions/applicationFormView.php and upload the documents? If yes, what steps do I need to take to make it so?



Hi DrakonPrime, great to hear you’re getting up and running with the Form Builder. It is pretty new functionality, so our documentation is certainly lacking, something we hope to work on in the coming version :sweat_smile:

The workflow you’re looking for is possible. Continuing an existing form can happen in two ways. The first is when the person filling out the form stops before the form is complete. It will save the incomplete data, and they can return and complete the form at a later date. Once the form is submitted, it is then not editable, as the data will be being processed and reviewed at that point.

The second case, which should work for your situation, is when an office member marks the form as incomplete, which enables the original user to continue editing and re-submit the form. This can be done from the Admissions > Manage Application side, by editing an application and setting the status back to Incomplete. This enables either the original user or admin to then make changes to the application.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra,

Option 2 seems to be the path that we’ll have to take. I’ll test it today and report back on the results.


Hi Sandra,

Option 2 works just as you indicated.

However, this brings up additional issues as we tested the functionality.

  1. I would like to I modify the applicationFormView.php file to add a description below

line 119: $table->setTitle(__(‘Current Applications’));

Description: "You have the below application form in progress. Click on the pencil to access the form and complete the admissions process by uploading the required documents by {date}.

  1. How can we remove/modify the page to hide…

New Application Form
You may continue submitting applications with the form below and they will be linked to your account data. Some information has been pre-filled for you, feel free to change this information as needed.

and the form(s) below it?



Hi DP,

This is where string replacements can come in handy, as you don’t need to edit the code (which would be overwritten with future updates). These can be found in System Admin > String Replacements.

The forms and options to submit additional forms are designed, for example, for families with multiple siblings, where information will pre-fill into subsequent forms to speed up the process of submitting multiple forms.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your help on this.

Also, I do believe I saw a request in another post, for a way to turn off the family feature for schools that are focused on adult education. I would love to see such a feature in future versions. Perhaps it could be a choice of the type of school one could select during installation. Just a thought.


Hi DP,

Do you mean for the application form? The new Form Builder has been designed for families to be optional, so if you don’t add these fields to your form, it won’t create or require family data.