Update Server from Ubuntu 16.04?

Hello, this query isn’t specifically about Gibbon but I know that Ubuntu 16.04 is in its last year of support. My experience of upgrading Ubuntu Desktops hasn’t always been positive so has anyone successfully done a release upgrade on their Ubuntu server without breaking Gibbon? Thank you for sharing…

Hi sbaldwin, in my experience, whenever Ubuntu has made updates available, the process has been pretty smooth. Sometimes they don’t let you update, but Ubuntu 16.04 is an LTS release, so you should be OK. We’ve been working hard to keep Gibbon working against the latest PHP releases, and so you are good up to PHP7.3. However, it looks like Ubuntu 20.04 ships with PHP7.4 by default, which could be problematic.

I’m just provisioning a new server, my first with Ubuntu 20.04, and so I’ll let you know how it goes. It is possible you’ll need to downgrade PHP.

Meanwhile, we are looking into PHP7.4 support, and will aim to have that in place for the upcoming v20 release.



But I should be fine going to 18.04 in any case? I have set this up in another with 18.04 so I know it works, I am just worried that the upgrade process will remove important software required for Gibbon.

Yes, 18.04 should be fine, and should not remove anything that Gibbon needs : ) I am running 18.04 fine on some servers.