Update by pulling from github

Hi, I tried to update from v23 to v24 from github.

my v23 got a few tweak and custom change a little. I tried to merge it with v24 by pull the version to local, and then rebase my custom v23 with v24. After resolving few conflicts theres no error when access the url, but after login, I got this error

Is there any step did I miss? also, how to update the database when doing the upgrade by pulling from github?

Thanks before :slight_smile:

Hi mikaeldiok, sounds like you’re off to a good start, even though this isn’t the common upgrade path it should work. One thing to note is that the packaged release contains a complete vendor folder, whereas downloading the code through GitHub does not. You can either use composer with a composer install --no-dev` command to update your vendor folder, or download the v24 install package and replace your vendor folder with the one from there. Hope this helps! After logging in you should be able to update the database via System Admin > Update. In a pinch, you can also visit your URL + update.php to run the updater manually.

Hi sandra, thanks for the reply, it really helps! so in my custom codes I need to do some sql query (for adding new column). Ijust wanna confitm a littile thing, I notice CHANGEDB.php file. is it for adding new database modification? a little tips to adding new database entry surely help.