Update about Gibbon v27.0.00

Dear Gibbon Supporters,

We’re writing to let you know that the planned release of Gibbon version 27 on April 20, 2024 has been moved back to May 20, 2024. We haven’t made this decision lightly, and realise that some schools may have already made their update plans based on these dates. However, in recent months Google has announced major changes to their APIs and OAuth procedures, especially relating to mailing. Our development team has been working on updates to Gibbon to account for these changes, and have decided that it would be best not to rush these updates, ensuring a good amount of time to test them before the v27 release. Based on this decision, we have moved the release date back one month to May 20, 2024, to ensure our releases continue to be thoroughly tested and stable.


Sandra Kuipers
Gibbon Maintainer

Please also see:


Excited to know any new features and improvement in upcoming version.

From where I can see what all are the major changes and features available for the new version.

Hi @rajsona Right now, prior to release, the ongoing changes for the development version can be found in our changelog: core/CHANGELOG.txt at v27.0.00 · GibbonEdu/core · GitHub

Hi @sandra, would I be correct in assuming that the dev team is working on mailing OAuth for both Google and Microsoft for the v27 release?
Microsoft disabled basic authentication for Exchange Online back in January 2023 (https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/exchange-team-blog/basic-authentication-deprecation-in-exchange-online-time-s-up/ba-p/3695312), meaning that you can no longer create app passwords.

I recently discovered Gibbon and am in the process of setting it up for a dance school I am a part of and I have been unable to configure the mailer due to the lack of modern authentication, as our school uses Microsoft 365.

Hi @jonathan.schirmer, welcome to the forums and thanks for your question. At this time, we haven’t added OAuth or other alternate mailing systems, but are exploring options for future versions. Even though basic authentication is no longer supported, you should still be able to use specific app passwords by enabling two-factor authentication for the account you’re using to email from, and then generating an app password. I’m not as familiar with how Microsoft’s particular settings work, but these instructions might help or these

Oh, I thought this post was in relation to adding OAuth for mailing?

Thanks for the links, however I have already looked through them in my quest to create an app password, though, referring back to the link in my reply above, Microsoft has disabled the ability to create app passwords for Microsoft 365 Entra accounts. Not sure why it doesn’t explicitly state that in their docs, but they’ve forced every account to move to modern authentication, so the option to create an app password doesn’t even show up.

It appears I’m in the smaller user base, being subscribed to Microsoft 365 rather than Google Workspaces, from scrolling through these forums, however I hope you can implement OAuth for mailing on both providers sometime soon. Until then, unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to roll out Gibbon, as we’d need the mailing feature for invoices and notifications.

My apologies, I conflated two different posts together. Following the original post, I had also shared this update:

I had read the post you shared, and it’s odd that SMTP mailing isn’t working for you with Microsoft, because the post does state that SMTP would be unaffected by those changes:

If this still doesn’t work, you may not necessarily need to use a mail relay service if you’re able to install something basic like sendmail on your server, and use that, rather than an external SMTP service.

Hmm, ok. I didn’t see that part of it. SMTP AUTH won’t be disabled until mid 2025. Thanks for pointing that out, Sandra.
Though, I’m still unable to create app passwords on my account. Must be missing a setting somewhere.
I’ll have a look at sendmail, otherwise I’ll just have to wait until you can get OAuth implemented for mailing before we can roll out Gibbon.

EDIT: Just figured it out. There were a few unobvious steps that I had to follow to enable the app password option.
Reference for others having the same issue: (Unable To Create App Passwords In Office 365 - Microsoft Community)

In this case, it sounds like basic auth (without even needing an app password) is still available for SMTP. Be sure to enter the SMTP details in System Admin > Third Party Settings, and it sounds like you can use an email address + password for basic authentication when sending via Microsoft. It’s nice to hear it won’t be removed until 2025, we should have more options in place by then.

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