Untie days from dates?

I am having a hard time when I tie days to dates. Somehow my timetable is not synced right. Somehow Thursday classes are carried into Friday. Is there anyway I can untie the dates from days all together. I was able to do it one day at a time. But I have clicked many of days but only deleted the link for the one day.

I even deleted a timetable column to see whether calendar dates are linked with that column. Nope. It stays. Is there any way to delete them all at once even deleting it from the mysql database? What table does it use?

Hi Hankcho, sorry to hear that you are stuck. If you want to do a bulk deletion, the only way is to head into the database and look at the table gibbonTTDayDate. Do be careful in the database though, as it is easy to break things. Let us know if you need any further help. Ross.

I was able to delete records from that table. Thanks for the help.