Units and granularity

Hi everyone,
Now that I’m getting my head around how Gibbon is organised, I’m busy putting in my students, lessons, schedule, etc

I do have a question for those of you who are experienced though. How granular is it advised to be when writing units? I know it’s down to individual taste, but in your opinion, is it best to be broad stroked? Or go into finer detail?

In my case, let’s take English grammar tenses? Would it be best to make one unit that covered all the tenses, from present simple to future perfect? Or do I create a unit for each tense?

Your thoughts would be appreciated!

Hi auricle, great to hear you’re getting up and running with Gibbon :smiley:

This could easily be a matter of school or teacher preference, but I think one unit for Grammar Tenses could be an okay way to go. Be sure to check out how smart blocks work in the unit. You could break the unit and tenses up into one or more smart blocks. Then, when you deploy the unit to lessons, you choose which blocks to cover in which lessons (eg: 2 lessons on future tense, 3 lessons on past tense, etc.) This makes it pretty flexible for teachers to adjust the pacing of the unit depending on their students as well, as some classes may have lower-able students who learn the unit at different pace than other classes, or skip certain content.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra!

Thank you kindly for the tip! Your method certainly makes sense!