Unique Login details

Dear forum members,

Please i would like to know if i can generate a unique login details for Staff, Parents and Students and i would like to renew this details every 3months?

Hello, and welcome to the Gibbon community. This is an interesting request, and I want to make sure I really understand it. Are you asking how you can change the username of existing users every 3 months? Ross

No, i want Parents to purchase scratch cards for their individual ward which contain login details (Possibly just the password; as the username will remain the same) every 3months.
Example: At the beginning of the first 3month, the parent pays the school fee and gets a login details which will enable the student to carry out all the activities for this duration including checking and printing of results. This login details expires at the end of the 3month. Hence, another login detail is needed to carryout the activity of the second 3month.

Hope you now understand my request?

Hello, ah, I see what you mean. This is currently not something that is supported in Gibbon, and is not something we are likely to support as we are not seeking to monetize the system. You might want to consider creating, or having someone create, a module to do this, or using some custom SQL to do it.


Thank you so much