Unique enrollment number (called "Roll Number") for form group

The process here is that every student is assigned a unique enrollment number (called “Roll Number”) when the student is assigned to a specific form group. I have not come across any such provisions so far.
Is there any provision to accommodate “Roll Number” in this system?

Rakesh, have you seen Student ID, toward the bottom of the User edit page? This allows a unique number to be assigned to each student.

Thanks Ross for your response,
We did checked this option (Student ID) but it will not work for us because this ID is unique for the whole school whereas we are looking for the unique ID number specifc to a form group (eg. form group 7.1 will have 20 students enrolled and their roll numbers will be 1 to 20 and form group 7.2 will also have 20 students with the roll numbers 1 to 20)

Ah, I see. Do you want to set the number, or do you want the system to assign it when a student is added to the roll group?

I want to assign.

OK, how important is it for you to have this, on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high)?

actually 10… We thought of using “Name in Character” field if nothing available immediately. But this arises to new question, that if this field will display on certain pages, for example Markbook, Attendance etc., what level of changes needs to be done…

Rakesh, OK, I will build it in tomorrow or the following day, and then commit to v9. You would not be able to use in production until v9 is released (3 months at least), or I could help you hack things to make it work now…but this is risky, and means a non-standard update when v9 comes out, which you will need to manage.

Email support@gibbonedu.org tomorrow afternoon and I will update you on the status.

OK, it is coded and commited to GitHub as development code for v9. You can set the value in User Admin > Student Enrolment. Where would you like the result to appear? I guess in the student profile, in ordering of attendance and also of students in People > Form Group. If you can confirm this, I can adjust accordingly.

That was quick, Thank you very much Ross. I will check this.
And yes, result should be displayed in Student Profile and Attendance. Markbook is also another place, where I want to display it. I still need to go through the Reporting section, but that would be another area where I need Roll Number to be displayed for various reports.

OK, I have made the display adjustments to home page for tutors, attendance and roll group listing page. They are committed to GitHub. For the Markbook, the students are not in their roll groups, but in class groups. These may over lap with roll groups, but are stored separately. So, from my point of view, roll group order does not work so well here. What do you think?

Hi Ross,
Thanks for providing a solution on this Roll Order.
The only issue was, that the column “rollorder” in “gibbonstudentenrollment” table was not created, which was giving me SQL error. One of my freind helped me to understand this problem and create this new column in the table, and issue seems to be resolved for now.
Thanks again for your support!


Be careful here! This will lead to errors when you update to v9. The missing column is, I presume, because you are using files from v9 with db from v8.3. Is this correct? If so, when you download v9, make sure to remove line 594 from CHANGEDB.php before running the update.

This is not the recommended way to keep Gibbon stable ;


Now I understand the process.
Since I am in the understanding phase of Gibbon System. I did a fresh install of ver9, created fresh test data and I assumed everything should be alright.
I have now upgraded the DB too thru the updates option and now everything is good.
Apologies for the confusion.

Rakesh, OK, that sounds better. Remember though that v9 has yet to be released, so your update path to the final v9 might not be clear. Are you planning on just using this site for testing, or for production? Are you planning on upgrading it once v9 comes out? Using the dev code is not the easy option…but I understand you are trying to use features which are not available in v8.3 yet. v9 should come out some time in January.

Hi Ross,
Right now we are in the process to understand the available functionality and how we can use it as per our needs. Upon release of V9, sometime in mid feb or early Mar’2015 we will do one more round of testing.
Once we are thru with this process we will go for production implementation with fresh installation. This will happen sometime in Apr or May 2015.

Rakesh, excellent, I just wanted to make sure you were not setting yourself for a hard time in the future. Do you mind me asking what kind of school(s) and how many users you will be using Gibbon for?