Unexpected auto population of head year field

Despite not being a required field, the system has assigned random names to the Head of the Year field. This has caused some confusion and inconsistency in my data
I have reviewed the system settings and documentation but couldn’t find any guidance on how to manage this field.

I kindly request your assistance in resolving this issue by

  1. Identifying the root cause of this problem
  2. Providing a solution or patch to fix it
  3. Guiding me on how to clear the auto-populated name and prevent future occurrences


Hi Fatombi.

I have encountered this in the past but i never got to identify the cause of the problem.

Resolving this is easily done within school admin>manage year groups.
You will have to select each affected year group for editing and select the topmost option on the drop-down list of users, this will clear the assigned user.
This has to be done for every year group.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @Fatombi and @ngn Thanks for the heads up, I haven’t been able to reproduce this error, but I can keep an eye out for it. Can you let me know if you setup your system using Demo Data, or a fresh install?

Thanks NGN for the fix, it looks like this will solve the issue for Fatombi.