Understanding Gibbon

Dear Mr. Ross,

I am relatively new to PHP development. So could you please tell me what are the technologies i should know to understand Gibbon clearly.

Thanks you

Hi rthunoli,

Gibbon is written in PHP 7+ and runs on MySQL 5.6+. Starting to learn PHP and MySQL is likely a good place to begin. You can also install Gibbon and begin checking out the codebase to get an understanding of how it’s organized. Be sure to check out the Developers section in the docs: https://docs.gibbonedu.org/developers/

Hi @ross
Is there any design; ERD/System design available for Gibbon?

Hi Ghulam, a very valid question. I think because Gibbon was created organically, bit by bit based on a school’s needs, it hasn’t had an Entity Relationship Diagram or other design in place from the start. Tools like phpMyAdmin have some tools to offer a visual representation of the database, which can help. Ideally, as we continue to refactor and develop more documentation, we’d love to be able to share more of these kinds of materials for developers.

This was a question to me for a while. I tried phpMyAdmin but it returns an error. Later I tried MySQL Workbench and the reverse engineering option works well.

Hello @rthunoli

I have found you do not necessarily have to understand a lot about the underlying technology that Gibbon runs on, in order to start using it. I personally found that a good place to start is installing a test site with (or without) demo data, and head over to the documentation for administrators and teachers https://docs.gibbonedu.org/. I hope this helps.