Unable to proceed with the installation. "Submit" button is unresponsive

Hello… I am using xampp version 7.4.5 to install Gibbon. Downloaded the codebase from GitHub. I am able to place the codebase in htdocs folder and get the server up and running. I can see the screen showing the first step of installation. If i select the language required and click “Submit” button the button and the page is unresponsive. Please help me in solving this issue. Thanks in advance.

Hi Aswin, I wonder if perhaps you are using PHP7.4? This is the latest PHP release, but Gibbon v19 does not support it. We are working to include support for v20, to be released on June 20th. If this is not the issue, we’ll see how else we can help. Thanks!

Hello… Thanks for your quick response… It will be of great help if you can kindly let me what version of xampp/PHP is supported by Gibbon v19. So that I can use the same and continue with the installation process. Thanks in advance…

Hi Aswin, 7.3 and lower will work. Good luck!