Unable to edit some of the templates in the template builder and cannot do drop and drag

Dear Gibbon Community,

Hope everybody is safe and doing well.

We currently have DNS issue going on, will this affect the editing of report templates?

I did try to duplicate a report template, try to edit some codes, cleared cache and try to preview but no changes was made. I cannot also do drop and drag of the templates.

Please advise if there’s something I need to check or do to solve this.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

Hi Chellie,

Unfortunately with the DNS error it looks like I cant access your system to check these out. Are you able to give a shout by email when it’s fixed and I’ll take a look. Sounds like maybe a file permission error.


Hi Sandra,

Yes our DNS issue has been fixed. I also did drop you an email. I can now edit codes and do drop and drag on the templates.

Thanks so much!