Unable to change username and Student ID due to error of Already in Use but not actually in use

Dear Team,
Hi, I am trying to change some students usernames and Student ID which was mistakenly incorrect but when I edit Username or Student ID it gives error of Username or Student ID Already in use but there is no such case I am entering new Unique Usernames and SID which are not in system .

Please look into the matter.

Thanking in advance.

Best Regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam, is the error you are seeing a front-end error (e.g. live form validation as you are typing) or back-end (e.g. after you press submit, and the page reloads)? Thanks! Ross.

Hi @admin It is a front-end error (e.g. live form validation). as it says Username Already in use. same is the case with Student ID.

Hi Ghulam,

OK, that is good to know, thanks. Is it possible that the username is in use by a user whose status is not Full, but either Left or Expected? As such you might not see them as a user of the system, but behind the scenes they still are. Such a user will still be visible under Admin > User Admin > Manage Users, if you wanted to try and search by username there.

I’ve tested this locally on my side, and cannot replicate the issue.