Unable to Capture new student information

Hi ,I have recently installed gibbon .I have set my self up a an administrator .Ihave been trying to capture new students information by going into “people” ,“students” menu ,however there is no option to add a new student.When i click on students in this menu ,it goes straight into a student profiles search page.Please advise ,at first I thought it was a user permission/roles issues ,however being an administrator I thought I would have full permissions?

Hi @edharris, welcome to the Gibbon community. Every person in Gibbon starts as a User, and then can be added as students, staff, parents, etc. If you go into User Admin > Manage Users, you can add students this way with the Student role. Then, for them to be enrolled as students in the current school year, you can add them through Admissions > Student Enrolment. Generally, many schools will use an application form for their student admissions, which automatically handles the creation of users for the students and parents, as well as any enrolments.

Thank you Sandra ,I appreciate your prompt response .Just one more question:Is there a import and mapping facility to capture these details from another format eg Excel?.It would be handy

Hi @edharris. Yes there is, be sure to check out the System Admin > Import from File tool. You’ll find a wide range of import options that support csv and spreadsheet formats, including an option to export a blank spreadsheet that has all the column headings pre-filled. For user imports, there are some basic options and some full import options, depending on the scope of data you have. You can also opt to upload a Student Application, which has a large range of data, and when accepted will create all the necessary accounts for student, parents, family, enrolment, etc.

Hi Sandra ,fantastic ,great to know .Thanks for the assistance ,looking forward to working with these features on the system