Typo error

Good admin,

There is typo error in School Admin >> Markbook Settings, if i want to edit it, how do i do it?

You can use the following query to get the typos in the db:

SELECT * FROM gibbonSetting WHERE description LIKE ‘%isntead%’

The easiest way is probably to edit the description with phpMyAdmin. :slight_smile:

Hi ttshava, well spotted! If only I was better at proof-reading ; ) I’ve fixed the error, and committed it to our v19 branch:


If you are running v18 or earlier, you can copy and paste the four new CHANGEDB.php lines into a MySQL client, and run them on your database. Just make sure to change ;end to ; at the end of each line.

This will not affect your eventual upgrade to v19.

Thanks @meierrom for your very useful input : )