Hello Gibbon family…

just a quick question: during rollover year group sequence number is used to move students across a year group to the next + mapping of form groups.
Is it possible to have two parallel year groups that wont conflict during rollover.

use case: the Same school running two different curriculum form 1,2 … 4 and year 9, 10 …12. [Different name in year groups]

is there a good workaround that you’d still get year group summary under HOME>>FORM GROUPS>> [YEAR GROUP SUMMARY]

Thank you.

Hi kelvin,

The form groups are rolled over from one to the next using the Next Form Group field when adding/editing the Form Group, so you should be able to run these in parallel without an issue.

I have worked with one school that did parallel year groups and form groups for a number of kindergarten campuses. They used two-letter prefixes in the names of things to keep the campuses clear. This may help in your case too.

Thank you Sandra… let me try one of these options