Two different years at the same time

Hello. I found out Gibbon some time ago, but had problems to use it because I’m Brazilian and the system was having a problem with translation on localhost (Windows machine). I moved to webhosting and it is now fine.

Problem is: in Brazil we have something called EJA, it is a special type of education, for older people. It is usually in a smaller time frame. Like, the 2nd year of education is actually 6 months on EJA. How do I do to make the classrooms, courses, etc related to the course to start and end before the other classes? In our school we have both EJA and common education (with early periods) at the same time.
Is there a way to make it work?

Also, I just watched your 2021 videos. Awesome stuff. I’m not a programmer myself (yet), I only know SQL stuff, maybe someday I can contribute.

Hi dleocadio, one of our team members, @leofreitas, is in Brazil and has done a lot to improve translation in general, and Brazilian support in particular.

Gibbon does not make it possible to have two years at one time, and so options here might include a) having two timetables, within the same year, but running to different timings and b) having two Gibbon installs, one for each of the different aspects of the school.

Does one of those sound like it would work?

Thanks for your kind feedback: you are most welcome to contribute to the project, and we’d happily support you in learning to programme on Gibbon if that interests you. Knowing SQL is a great start.



Hi @dleocadio ,
I recommend that you have two gibbon installations. it’s less confusing. So, you can set up different school terms.