Twig Templates - how to assign different templates to different reports?


I need to modify the output of a report. Particularly I need to eliminate the header and footer for a particular report.
The header and footer are in a Twig template, report.twig.html.
But, if I modify this template I also affect all the other reports that use this template.
I couldn’t determine where is the template assigned to the reports.

So, I’ll really appreciate your guidance in solving this task; to be able to create a different template for this or any other report I need to customize.
I tried creating a new template, a copy of report.php (that points to the new template), referencing this from the report I want to customize, but still, the report is pointing to the original twig template.

Thank you!!

Hi Ricardo,

The visual drag-drop templates are what associate a report with the individual assets. When you create a report, you select which template to use. When you create a template, you drag and drop which assets to use. If you create a new asset, be sure to give it a unique name, and then add it to your templates. Be sure to create different templates with different assets, often by duplicating the asset and giving it a new name, if you want different output in your reports.

As a note, be sure to edit the first Name: line of the asset to update the name after duplicating it. You can hover over the name of an asset in the Manage Assets list to see the filename if you’ve recently duplicated it.

Hi Sandra,
Trying to make my case generic, I failed to be specific enough.
I’ll rephrase …
I’m trying to modify the invoice report, because I need only the information and not the garnishment or format around the data (including tables, backgrounds, boxes, lines, headings, logos, and any other text or element)

I manage to do it, except for the things that are taken from the Twig template.
If I modify the Twig template that the invoice is using (report.twig.html) I also modify other reports like the Admission printout.
So I wanted to create a new Twig template and tell the invoice php files to use that template in which I will eliminate the School’s logo and introduction text, etc. and as the other reports will continue to use the original twig template they will remain unaffected.
This is all happening at code level.

I hope now my question is a bit more clear, and you could provide more focused advice on how to work around this.

Sorry, and thank you!! (again)