Trying to import student enrolment fail value not matching

Hi I have uploaded students using basic user upload, I have created form groups and year groups, however when I try to import student enrollment I get an error

42 gibbonYearGroupID (1) Each Year Group value should match an existing nameShort in gibbonYearGroup.
42 gibbonYearGroupID (1) Missing value for a required field.

This is the data form group and year group are the same, I have used the same short names for both

“School Year”,“Year Group”,“Form Group”,“Student”,“Roll Order”

Any idea why this is not working?

Ok I got it to work, looked like some of the naming I had used was wrong, Doh!

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Glad to hear you got it working. My only other suggestion would have been to check for trailing spaces in any of the strings, as those can cause mismatches in the data. Otherwise, it all looked correct.