trello/kanban board

Was looking at the gibbon development trello and thought that this would be a nice feature to have actually in gibbon. It’s not needed, just throwing the idea out there.

That would be an interesting feature to have, and something that would work very well as an additional module. It is, sadly, not something our core team have the time to look at, but maybe someone within the community will see this post and step forward to offer their services. Cheers, Ross.

I wonder, is there any possibility you could give us some examples of what you’d like to use Trello for in your case? I could see Trello having a few different uses in a school environment.

well my thoughts were around team management (ICT, leadership, Front office, Science lab, wood/metal workshops, school farm), project management, personal to do lists. we have wekan running here which is fine, it was just an idea cos it would be handy to have the boards linked with gibbon groups. i know its a big task and i dont expect it to ever happen. so this isnt a feature request, its just an idea.