Translation and Extension Modules

Hi everyone,

Could use some help understanding how to properly translate breadcrumb and menu items for extension modules, specifically the Alumni extension. We have the tokens “Manage Alumni” and “Alumni” as keys in the PO/MO file, but the system does not appear to be updating the breadcrumb and main menu item within the top navigation menus.

All other strings seems to be updating as expected. For example, “Graduating Year” and “View Records” in the main content section translate just fine. Even “Alumni” in the breadcrumb translates properly - but both “Alumni” in the top navigation as well as “Manage Alumni” in the breadcrumb don’t.

Has anyone experienced this before or have guidance on how to troubleshoot?

The key strings in the PO/MO file appear to exactly match the code.


Hi Mackay,

From memory, I don’t believe those strings were ever wrapped up for translation. Can you try and surrounded the string in the __() function (double underscore) and see if that does the trick?

We set up the Gibbon Core to be able to handle module translation, and the Free Learning module was set up as an example, but we never completed the other module, as demand did not seem to exist at that point. Nice to see that it does now. Let us know if the above guess is correct, and perhaps you can help wrap up any unwrapped strings and commit them so we can release a new version.