Translated Email templates are being sent in English

Dear Gibbon team, i have translated the following email messages to Arabic, and updated our language files on the server.
I have been doing this for 2 weeks now, where I translate on and directly update the files, and every thing was working smoothly.
but this time it didn’t work, and the emails for accepting the application were sent in English again.
Please help me figure out how to solve this issue, to send the emails in Arabic rather than English.

Hmm, it looks like there are a few different translation strings in the system for that particular email, which may have changed over the years and resulted in duplicate strings. Can you search your terms for “Welcome to” and be sure to use the version of the string that ends in ‘

’ rather than ’

Hi Sandra, i have actually translated all of them, i also ignored the issue and started the admission process, some of the students and parents got emails in Arabic, and some of them got them in English, which is weird considering they never logged in to chose English as their preferred language or some thing of that sort.
you can ignore this issue for the time being, if any thing new comes up i will you update here.
Thanks for your consistent support

Also please do me a favour and move the topic to the translation section, i have posted it here by mistake ?

That is odd that it would be inconsistent, as one would think either the translation was working or not working, from the code side of things. Let us know if you discover the cause, we’re happy to look into it.

Are you guys still using POEDITOR? I would like to finish the Mexican Spanish translation… It’s missing a bunch of strings.

@manuelruizp84 shoot them an email on