I’m going to be working on this issue over the summer I believe, but I’d like some clarification on the current way Transcripts are supposed to work.

How are Transcripts currently generated in the reports module, and how can I add custom entries when a student has transferred from another school?

Hi Nate, whilst the reporting module can handle transcripts, it does not try and offer this out of the box, as it is so variable by school, and inevitably requires some custom coding. In general, you can store transcript data in Assess > Formal Assessment > Manage Internal Assessments, and then use some PHP, SQL and Twig to pull it into a report. Custom report writing is one of the services we provide through, as it is labour intensive, and so feel free to email us there if you want us to look at it with you. Cheers, Ross.

It seems our school will be working with you this summer Ross!

Always happy to do so Nate, but also happy to support you in building your own solution if that is a viable path too.