Transcript Module? (Not the Mastery Transcript)

I have read a number of old forum discussions where people asked about the feasibility of Gibbon opening a transcript module, to accompany the HE module - absolutely necessary for any application. Sandra referenced the good work being done over on Rapid36 and Thinkwave - without committing to doing it for Gibbon. So is that the final answer? We need to go back (to merging excel and word?) elsewhere and use something else?

Hi Tony, since those posts Gibbon’s new Reports module, part of the core, has taken over this. If you look at your list of assets, you’ll see one called Internal Assessment by Course, which gives you a tabular output of grades from the Internal Assessment part of Formal Assessment. This is a great place to store the kinds of grades that appear in a transcript.

Hopefully this helps, but let us know if you have any additional questions.