Todays Lesson (Lesson Summary) in the Home Page

I´m realizing the home page for teachers doesnt display the Todays Lesson Panel (or Lesson Summary) as it is mentioned in the teachers support page (, look at my capture:

As you can see in the capture this teacher has 3 lessons today wednesday, so what should I do?

Adolfo, here is a semantic distinction in action for you. The teacher sees 3 classes on the day in question…but none of them have lessons planned, so nothing appears in Today’s Lessons. If you click on the Add button in the timetable for one of the classes, and add a lesson plan, then that top area will be populated. Ross.

Good !!, now it is working…
So that means lesson plans must be specified for each lesson? or, are lesson plans optional?
Thanks Ross

Lesson plans are technically optional, but I guess it is your call as to whether your school wants to make the compulsory via policy, cultural norms, etc.