Timetable - school closed

I’ve just installed Gibbon with the sample data and went thru the setup according to the documentation.  However, I’m not quite sure I get the timetabling bit as now the timetable shows that the school is closed all the time!

I’ve also tried to have a look at the demo site on Softaculous but there’s no timetable there.  I definitely didn’t get the last part ‘Tie Days to Dates’.  So I’ve skipped that but I could have setup something else wrong too.  Not sure where to start looking.  Hope someone can provide some guidance.



Can you check the following, all of which could caused “School Closed” to show up:

  • School Year - Admin > School Admin > Manage School Years, are you within the date range of your school year?
  • Terms - Admin > School Admin > Manage Terms, do you have terms, and are you currently within the date range of a term?
  • Tie Days To Dates - Admin > Timetable Admin > Tie Days To Dates - I guess this is the issue. In this you are tying your timetable days (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… or 1, 2, 3… or A, B, C…) to dates within the calendar. This may be as simple as every date in the school year that is a Monday gets assigned the day Monday…but it may be more complex. The aim here is to allow for super flexible TTs.

Does this help?



Hi Ross, thanks for listing all that out to me.  I’ve managed to have the school ‘open’ now!  When I first created terms, I didn’t realise the school year of the sample data was different so I then deleted all the terms that I’ve created and thought that that wasn’t necessary anyway if there was only one term.  But now that you’ve mentioned this, I’ve gone to re-read the documentation and realise that I need at least one term record.  So I’ve created that and the school doesn’t show as closed anymore on the timetable.

However, I still have to take some time to look at the ‘Tie Days to Dates’ setup as I don’t think my timetable is showing up properly.  I’ll check a few things and update.

Thanks for the great support!