Timetable - rotating lessons

We have lessons in which two form groups combines and divide into three or four classes, e.g. this lot are all in one time slot on the timetable.
4A,4B 4PE-4PE
The students rotate between these classes, say, every half term.
Is there a way to deal with this, even just to display the classes as shown in one timetable cell?

Hmmm, that is an interesting one. I can’t think of how this would work…but it might be possible. Can you share a mockup of what you’d want this to look like, or what it looks like at present? Thanks!

The time slot for classes 4A and 4B, Monday period 1 looks like this.

4A,4B 生物-4BIO-4BIO (teacher WWC; room BL)
4A,4B 設應-DAT-4DAT (teacher WWK; room DTR)
4A,4B 經濟-ECO-4ECO (teacher CPLK; room 303)
4A,4B 體憑-4PE-4PE (teacher HHL,LLS; room 302)

Hi Andy,

I think I might be lacking in imagination, but can you show what this would look like, visually, in a timetable? Maybe just use a table in a word processing document to mock it up.