Timetable issue

Hi Ross

I’m having issues with the timetable on the dashboard when having 2 timetables and not being directly involved in any of them, which may be the case for an administrator.

If I click e.g. on “Last week”, the timetable disappears and only the timetable chooser remains. Clicking on any of the timetable chooser links makes the timetable disappear as well.

Can you have a look?

Kind regards,


Please can you send a dump of your database to support@gibbonedu.org and we will take a look. Is this with Gibbon v13.0.01?



Howdy Ross,
First let me thank you for the good job and efforts Gibbon community and developers are making to improve schools and education all around the world. This is very noble and admirable.
I installed Gibbon on my localhost server on a test mission and encountered a timetable error on the planner tab on my dashboard. Had updated my php files with PHP 7 as required. Check out the statement. (Polishing up on my PHP skills. Its been a minute on it.)

Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered in C:\xampp\htdocs\gibbon\modules\Timetable\moduleFunctions.php on line 794

What could be the problem?
Many thanks.

Hi Ross,

I didn’t know v13 is out.

I think you can easily reproduce it in any v12 version with an admin user, which is not involved in any teaching activity.

As soon as I add the admin-user to any class of any of the two tt’s everything works just fine.

Can you please try reproducing without dump?

Kind regards,

@frankoholix thanks for your positive feedback on Gibbon, and welcome to the community. Please can I ask that you post this question in a new thread, and we will address is there. Threads are more readable if we work together to keep them to a single question per thread, and whilst your question is similar to Roman’s, it is different enough to warrant a new thread. Thanks! Ross.

Was able to re-create this error, I’ll look into a fix for it.

Thanks Sandra, I am sure that Roman will be excited to hear this. Time is not on my side right now, hence the long delay in looking at it. Let me know if you need any input, otherwise, I look forward to seeing a PR at some point : )

@meierrom Sandra’s fix is in place in the v14 branch, if you want to check it out. If you take the code change and apply it to your v12/13 code, it should be backwards compatible. Let us know how it goes.

Great! What are the files to update?

To apply the fix replace your modules/Timetable/moduleFunctions.php file with the one from the v14 branch here:

Thanks, Sandra! I’ll check it out and report back!

Yeah, your fix works well! Thanks Sandra!