Timetable Export as Google Feed

Hi Ross,

Do we have any way for Gibbon to publish a timetable (student or teacher) as a Google Apps Calendar Feed?

Import into student’s calendar
Place on Student webpage

Updates cascade through if there is a change… If there is a sudden change to the day, and it is entered into Gibbon, everyone’s phone will have their new calendar telling them to right place to be!



We do this the opposite direction: if you set up oauth authentication with Google, and users sign in with Google, then their primary calendar, and a school calendar if you set it up, appear in their timetable. This helps bring everything into one place.

I can see why you want to do it the other way, but it is not current supported. I guess it would be possible, just need to create dynamica XML files based on the database. Preferrable to ical, or some other common standard.

Unfortunately I am really snowed under right now, so cannot offer to code this. It would be a nice a feature to have!