Timetable doesn't show classes

Dear Community,

I’ve got another little Problem with my installation of gibbon.
So this is my master timetable (only for test purpose):

But the timetable for the teacher (example is AE.P2) is empty:

And so is the facility timetable:

Finally this is the view from “Timetable Admin” for this Lesson:

So I don’t get, why Gibbon shows the lessons in the Master Timetable but not in the other both, if they’re definitly assigned?

Thanks for any kind of help!


Have you tied days to dates as it looks you have not done this .

This can be found in timetable admin.


Thank you very much!
Now it works nearly perfect and as i want it to do :slight_smile:

Hi, I tried this and still no luck. Am I missing a step?

Hi @rprice1978 ,
Can you share some screenshots so we get the idea.

It looks like you have not done tie days to dates. If this is not the case then may be you have not set classes in time table or maybe columns.

I tied the days, how do I set classes in time table or columns?

Time table is very tricky and complex in Gibbon. The best place to Learn timetable is docs and a Gibbon installation with demo data . The things docs did not cover, the demo data does.

Hi rprice1978, if you edit the relevant timetable, you can then drill into the days and periods it contains. Within the day view, you can add classes. Here’s where you get started:

We tend to define our timetable in a spreadsheet and then import it into Gibbon, which saves a lot of time. We then use the interface to edit as needed.



Thanks Ross, I tied multiple days to the same columns, deleted in through phpmyadmin and started over. Now everything is ok

I have read through this trail and still don’t get it can someone be kind enough to outline step by step how we get the timetable showing, lm stuck somebody help please

Hi Factry, no problem, we are happy to help! Have you read the documentation on the timetable?:


If so, please let us know what you have done so far, and we’ll try and help from there.