Timetable display details

Can The timetable be adjusted so that the teacher’s name can show on the student’s timetables?
right now I can only see the course and class name and the time- but for my school and parents, they would like to see the teacher’s name who teaches that day. The problem I have is that the same class is taught by different teachers on different days for the early childhood. I added the teachers on the schedule using exceptions to the timetable, but that doesn’t show up when you see the timetable schedule on the dashboard…
Thank you for any help with this!
Merry Christmas!

Hi catahalas, your post reminded me that this feature request has been in me backlog for a while, so I’ve taken a moment to add it into Gibbon v25, releasing January 20, 2023. The entire file won’t be backwards compatible to previous versions as there’s many other changes in there, but if you wanted to apply them to your system earlier you could copy lines 1474-1494 from the following link and add them just after line 1377 in moduleFunctions.php (assuming you’re running v24).


Fantastic! Thank you!!

Sandra, another thought I had to add on to this, is the possibility to add a teacher or an assistant teacher that could come in to a class one day (but not the others)- But they wouldn’t be an exception because they are normally not in this class, but more of an addition… Not sure how easy it is to do this, but it would make my scheduling life so much easier!! Thank you again

Hi catahalas. Yes, if you are using the Lesson Planner, be sure to check out the bottom of the Edit Lesson page, which allows you to add guests for a lesson. A Guest Teacher will have access to the lesson plan just as the regular teacher would and will show up in the sidebar for the lesson.