Timetable Course/Subject Validation

Hey Ross/team,

I would like to commend you and your team for the great work you have done/ are doing with gibbon- development, maintenance and update. More importantly your decision to release this under GPL. I believe it requires alot of dedication and commitment.

I am now fully settled on the Admin module ->School Admin, System Admin, Timetable Admin and User Admin. The interface is good and the learning curve for the system is not steep.

Our timetable management policy requires a maximum occurrence of courses/subjects per week. For example you cannot exceed 5 occurrences of Mathematics per week. Is there a way we can enforce this validation in gibbon?


Thanks very much for your positive feedback, it is most appreciated!

Having your TT constrained is not currently an option in Gibbon, and we are unlikely to have the resources to do this in upcoming versions. Usually we would recommend you to build your TT in a timetable software system (such as ASC) and then import it into Gibbon.