Timetable classes on different days and hours

Hi, is there a way to add a class on different days and hours? I mean i want to have a class on monday at 7:00 and tuesday at 10:00. Is this possible with timetable?

Hi Ivan, yes, this is possible! Under Admin > Timetable Admin > Manage Columns you can set up different timing structures for different kinds of days. When you are then in Manage Timetable you can use these different structures in different timetable days. Finally under Tie Days to Dates, you can attached these timetable days to calendar dates. You can read more in our timetabling docs: https://docs.gibbonedu.org/administrators/timetable/timetabling/. Cheers, Ross.

Hi Ross,
Is there a way that I can show the timetable each day for whole class? Here for example.

And how I can make time tables for mix class?
Thank you
Imam Nursianto

Hi Imam Nursianto, Gibbon timetables are personalied for each individual, and so even though each student in a class might have the same timetable, there is no “class view”. In such cases, we just look at any one of the students in that class to see the timetable.

For your question about mix classes, this is the default: as you assign students to different classes, you’ll get mixed timetables.

Hopefully this helps!