timetable chooser

Need further clarification on the timetable chooser, is it all teachers login will see everyone table time schedule and need to pick the teacher name from list only can see own timetable?.

Is there any way just to display teacher own timetable only instead show everyone timetables?

Hi sonnysiah,

The dashboard will automatically select and display a timetable that a teacher is involved in, based on their enrolment as a Teacher of a course via Timetable Admin. If the user isn’t involved in any timetables, then they can see the blank timetables with a selector, as you’re seeing in this screenshot.

I notice your timetables are organized per user. Generally, Gibbon allows you to have one timetable for a number of users, rather than one per user, however this may depend on your individual situation and needs.

Solid answer Sandra : ) One thing to add: if someone is involved with multiple timetables, then they will also see the Timetable Chooser. Ross