Timetable Changes

Good Evening.
Could some one please explain something to me.
Now i have 2 classes from the same year that needs to be changed let’s say Math and Geography.
Now Math’s is on the 1st Period and Geography is last, how can i swap these 2 without affecting it’s data that has been recorded throughout the year.
Is this possible? If so, please can someone give me some instructions.

Hi dgago,

Luckily timetable changes such as moving a class from one period to the other won’t affect the data in other areas such as markbook, attendance, planner, etc. Gibbon’s relational database connects different areas of the system by IDs, and as long as you don’t delete the class or remove the students, you can make these timetable changes without affecting the class.

To swap the periods, go into Timetable Admin and edit your timetable, and then edit the appropriate timetable day. From here, you should see the list of periods for that day, under “Edit Classes by Period”. You can edit these to remove a class from one period and add it to another.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra sorry for the late reply, and thank you for your help.
Now i have moved the classes, let’s say Math’s from Thursday to Wednesday all works fine, but i have a small issue with the planner.
Original day for math’s was Thursday and now is Wednesday, when i look in the lesson planner throughout the year it shows that it’s always been Wednesday. is this normal? I thought Gibbon would just continue from the day i changed and not all year?

Hi dgago,

There is a long back-story here, but the short answer is “no”: the timetable you set is the same for the entire lifetime of the timetable, it does not support different structures at different times. In addition, if you change the timetable, any existing planner elements don’t change their date and time, but this can be done using SQL, if you want them to align to the new timetable.

Sorry it is not doing what you hoped!


Thanks Ross.
You guys are amazing for the fast response.
Now how can i do that in SQL and where to change it.
Your help would be much appreciated, Since i’m doing this all on m own our school don’t have IT department because we are an non profit.


Hi dgago,

As luck would have it, I ran some of this SQL this morning, as our timetables have been changing a lot this year :sweat_smile: Here’s an example of an SQL snippet that changes one set of timings to another. You’d need to copy-paste and update it for the timing changes for each period. Be sure to update the date range as needed:

UPDATE gibbonPlannerEntry SET timeStart = ‘08:30:00’, timeEnd=‘09:25:00’ WHERE timeStart=‘08:30:00’ AND timeEnd=‘09:40:00’ AND (date BETWEEN ‘2021-04-12’ AND ‘2021-05-07’);`

This assumes the same set of timings for every day of the week. If you weekdays have different timings (timetable columns/days), then the following SQL uses the DAYOFWEEK function to limit it to just one day, in this case Wednesday (day 4).

UPDATE gibbonPlannerEntry SET timeStart = ‘08:50:00’, timeEnd=‘09:40:00’ WHERE DAYOFWEEK(date) = 4 AND timeStart=‘08:55:00’ AND timeEnd=‘10:00:00’ AND (date BETWEEN ‘2021-04-12’ AND ‘2021-05-07’);`

Hope this helps!

WOW… Due to the pandemic we have to change so that is why so many changes.
But thank you for your help i will give it a go and see, so for my situation i would use option 2 because the hours are the same just the day is different. Is that correct?