Time Tabling - Irregular Classes

We are a study center offering irregularly structured courses. A student enrolls at Certificate level, and they cover 13 units in the course of the year. The dates of the units are set at the beginning of the year, but not more than 2 in a month. We do not follow a set pattern of when a session will happen - it is agreed upon.

How can I set such dates rather than just set a date / day that is regular?

I’ve tried in the past and couldn’t figure out how.

Will appreciate your assistance.

Thank you.

Hi hnjagi,

The timetable is definitely better suited to more structured lessons. Another option, rather than using the timetable in Gibbon, is to make use of the Google calendar integration. This would require using the Sign On with Google option, but would enable using the school and personal calendars to indicate much more ad hoc timings for classes or events. Not a perfect solution, but something to consider.