Time table shows loading and does not load.

Hi first thanks to you for version 18 awesome getting it to work responsive to an extent. I have a problem after installing the new version which was not there in the older version. Under the dashboard the time table shows loading and does not load. If i go to timetable under the learn menu it shows up.
When I go to admin- school admin and under dashboard settings I have only planner shown in the dropdown under staff and student default tab. Is that the reason if so how do I resolve it. I have checked through the enrollments, classes courses tie to days everything is fine.
Later i released that that when i go to system admin as an administrator checking for gibbons version also does not load with the result. It just goes on checking for gibbons updates.
( When ever i imported and huge file and make changes I get server hangup could this be the reason. I changed values in PHP.ini to 120 to resolve problem that did not help)
lastly when i click on buttons to view the next 25 students the buttons dont work. I was wondering what could be wrong.
Would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

I am using a shared Linux hosting service. PHP version 7.O and 7.1 have the same problems

No worries I got it resolved by reinstalling gibbons once again. But awesome work guys on version 18. Kudos