Tied the class to time table

Hi Ross, how are you?

I would like to know how to tied the class to the time table. For example I would like to set English class time table for a week Monday Period 1and 2, Wed Period 5 etc.
I couldn’t find the button…

Thank you for your prompt reply.


So, the first step, setting up the courses and classes, can be done under Admin > Timetable in the main menu and then Manage Courses & Classes in the module menu.

You can now start setting up your timetable, the first step of which is to define columns, which are reusable day structures. Do this under Admin > Timetable in the main menu and then Manage Columns in the module menu.

Now go to Admin > Timetable in the main menu and then Manage Timetables in the module menu. Here you can create a timetable, give it days and attach columns to days. Now, in each day, you will see time slots (brought over from the columns), into which you can assign your classes.

The final step is to tie your timetable days into calendar dates, which you can do in Admin > Timetable in the main menu and then Tie Days To Dates in the module menu.


Hi Ross,

Thank you for your reply.
We have split grade 7 to A and B, Somehow all grade 7 only goes to 7A year group.

Can you please let me know how to move some of students in Year Group of 7A to 7B??


This is tricky, as I cannot see your data. I think what you need to do is create Grade 7 as a school year (Manage School Years in Admin > School Admin), and then create 7A and 7B (Manage Form Groups (UK English) or Manage Roll Groups (US English) in Admin > School Admin).

Once this is done, you can enrol students into these form groups and into these years under People > Students in the main menu and then Student Enrolment in the sidebar menu.


Hi Ross,

Thank you, but another problem came up.
When i go to managed time table, I can only tied Grade 7A to Year 7 Group, for 7B i can not tied it to Year 7 as it is already use by 7A.
What should i do now…?

Here is the link, you will see in colom 7B time table the year groups still empty.

Please can you upload some screenshots, so we can see clearly what parts of the system you are talking about? I cannot access the link you have given, as it requires a login to your system.


Hi Ross,

Please ignore my previous email.
I still try to set the time table though, some of the subjects still not appear on the student’s time table. I have done all the steps that you mentioned above. I have attached here all the screen shot of what i have done that required to set the time table. Please check on the first screen shot attached for example, this students are taking French/Lang B on Monday Period 1, she is assigned to the class and the teacher’s name with the arrow are the teachers that assigned to the class, but some how French does not appear on her time table. She also has two other classes that not appear in her time table.

I have set the colom, i have set the time table, i have done tie days to date, i have assigned the students and the teachers. Did i missed anything here?? I am sorry but i am really new with Gibbon and would love to learn more…:slight_smile:


Well done on your learning so far. Timetables are never easy to represent in any system…but I am sure you will be a master soon.

It looks like you have not missed anything, but without access to your database, it is hard to say.

One possibility, and I think this is most the likely explanation, is that the student is enroled in classes in two different timetables, which is why, in the first screenshot (2xyq20g04eh4.png) you see the timetable switcher. If you switch timetables from Grade 9 to Secondary, do you see the period in question? Unless every grade is running on a different timetable structure (e.g. their days are lined up different in terms of times), I would not use separate timetables for different grades, as it gets confusing. Is it possible to keep everything in one timetable? Or at least fewer than the 5 you seem to have right now? Really, only use separate timetables if days have different columns in different parts of school.

Another possibility (I doubt it is the case here, but useful for you to know for the future) is that the student is Excepted from that period. If you go to the third screenshot (glhszjf666ae.png), you will see, against each class in each period, an icon of a group of people. Anyone listed in this area will be excepted from that period in their timetable.

Failing this, if you can share your database with us on support@gibbonedu.org, then I can dig into the data.



Hi Ross,

Thank you for your help, yes the problem was because i created so many time table, i should just have one time table for grade 6, 7 to 12, which i already created then delete the rest of the unnecessary time table. It works now!