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Make the Terms, that are not the current term, collapsible.
Some times it takes a lot of scrolling to go between checking off the dates and days to tie to them together.

I can’t say I understand what you mean. Kindly share a screen shot. :wink:

I have three terms in the academic year which is approximately 10 months. The Day selection drop down is all the way at the bottom of the page. So I have to keep scrolling up and down between the very bottom of the page and the term and dates I’m selecting.

I think it helps if I add the fact that the different year groups have very different timetables and I’m therefore dealing with many day-date selections.

A screenshot of all the terms my not fit here ?. Hope this helps.

Have your tried to use Ctrl-End and Ctrl-Home to avoid scrolling. :wink:

Yes I have. :slight_smile: With 7 year groups each with a different timetable and 5 school days per week, that’s 35 associations I have to make. I know this is done once at the start of the term. I just wish there was an option to have one (or all) terms in view at a time. One option would be to have the ability to select multiple Mondays at a time to tie to my calendar Mondays.

Another thing that happens is you can lose track of the day-date pairing with that much clicking. I might be the only person who sees this as a big deal :). Thanks

This doesn’t sound right. A different timetable structure for each year group? Again, sharing a screen shot would help to understand what you are going through. :wink: