Themes for Gibbon 15?

Hi, I have tried to change the theme in Gibbon 15 and also tried to copy the default theme. Both attempts show “Theme Error”. Does Gibbon 15 support the changing of themes or am I doing something wrong? Thank you

Good question. In short, you can copy Default and then change the name of the folder to the theme name you wish to use. Then make sure that you get the exact same theme name in manifest.php in the theme.

However, v15 has a bug where themes with spaces in the name do not work properly. This has been fixed in v16, and the fix, linked below, is backwards compatible with v15:

Hope this helps!


Hi, I tried following the link and editing my file but I had some errors. Is there somewhere I can download the fixed file theme_manage.php to replace in Gibbon 15? Thank you

You should be able to take the whole file from the above commit (I’ve linked the file below for convenience) and that should do the trick I believe:

Let us know how you get on.


Thank you, it worked! Just to mention to others…If you extract a theme after downloading, make sure you get to the root folder. For example the theme Darkness v1.4.01. You must copy-over the folder “Darkness” inside the folder or it will not be recognized.