The gibbons have escaped after updating to v27

I’m getting the following error after updating to v27.


Something has gone wrong: the Gibbons have escaped!

Fatal Error: Missing composer autoloader. Your vendor folder is likely not installed. If you are running cutting edge code, navigate to your base dir in a terminal window and run the “composer install” command. See the Cutting Edge Code documentation for more information: Cutting Edge Code :: Gibbon Docs

My vendor folder is not missing and I even reuploaded the entire folder just to make sure. This error appeared after I cleared the cache in the system update. Before that it was working, but I was having some issues with customizing some colors and CSS not updating. I’m assuming something was cleared in the system when I cleared the cache under System Admin, but even reuploading the folder didn’t help and I’ve checked all the system requirements, which are all fine. I’m running a ubuntu server with an apache webserver and php 7.4. Any suggestions on how to fix? I don’t really want to have to reinstall everything all over again.

Hi @abarthur If you’re seeing this error, then for some reason the system cant see that you vendor folder is there. Can you check the file permissions and file ownership of the folder, to ensure that the server can still access them? If you’ve replaced the folder, this may be the most likely cause of this error. Hope this helps!

Yes, the server can access the folder. I tried adding a test.txt file to the main gibbon folder and also the vendor folder. Those both showed up. The issue seems to be with the index.php file. It’s throwing that Gibbons are released error when I try to access the gibbon index.php file. I’m going to try and replace that file and see if that works, but any other ideas? This broke when I cleared cache inside of the System Admin functions in Gibbon.

This is quite unusual, as updates are generally quite stable and shouldn’t cause this level of error. The exact error is coming from only one place in the system: line 34 of gibbon.php, which is checking for the existence of the /vendor/autoload.php file, and generally the only reason this check would fail is if the file is missing or the server cannot access it. In theory, clearing cache shouldn’t cause this error, but nothing is impossible. Perhaps also check the file permissions of your /uploads/cache folder. Both the vendor folder and cache folder should have something system-readable, and be owned by a user or group that has access to read, write & execute. On most linux systems, this would be a file permission of 775, and can be set with a recursive change of chmod -R 775 vendor, or a chown/chgroup to set the file ownership. Hope this helps! I haven’t seen this type of issue before with an update.