The easiest way to try gibbon out / demo?


I would love to give gibbon a try. What is the easiest way to try it out? I don’t want to deal with installing and configuring a number of programs just to test it. Is there maybe any online demo? Or a docker all-in-one image?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Wojciech,

Good question. A docker image would be nice, but sadly we don’t have one at the moment. However, you can use the Softaculous link below to access a demo install:

Let us know what you think, or if you have any questions.



Thx. This works indeed. You might consider filling this demo instance with some data since the instance is quite ephemeral.

Hi wmj, my understanding is that the demo instance should have Gibbon’s demo data installed. We actually created it at the behest of Softaculous, for this purpose. Unfortunately, their demo server often runs low on resources, and so I’ve not been able to test it over the past few days of trying. Ross.

Well, there is a tiny little bit of data but no courses, no concepts, no staff for example, and such things are required to, e.g. test how lesson planning works.

It definitely sounds like the demo data is not working. I’ve contacted Softaculous to ask about it:

Dear Mr. Ross

There is a docker image for gibbon in github. And I am using it. You can add adminer docker also in the same docker network for mysql database administration